Sympathy for a prostitute.

Something to know about me is my love of watching documentaries. Now this is not a hobby I engage with other people with, but more of my way of spending time with myself and collecting my thoughts. I often lean towards stories of historical significance or of social issues, last Friday being no different. I watch two movies, one called Girl Model, following the story of a girl from Siberia trying to be a model and the second being Whore’s Glory, following the workdays of prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. And what hit me about both movies was from modeling to flat out prostitution, women and people themselves have a habit of selling themselves short. We often criticize prostitutes for selling their bodies for money, but in reality isn’t that how we as women live our lives? We put makeup on and dress a certain way to sell ourselves to other people for various reasons. Whether it be like the models who sell their bodies for photographers to make a profit, or just waking up in the morning to put on a face because we don’t want people seeing us in our natural state. Now I’m not accusing people of being prostitutes, and don’t get me wrong I do not believe in any way that this career is acceptable or right, but I sympathize with those women. They are trying to live their life and have the same stresses as the rest of us, whether it be bills and paying the rent, or the complaints of one of the whores in Thailand, who simply wanted to move out of her parents house and gain independence, so she chose a career that could support her. I think more often than not, girls especially, we sell ourselves short in what we choose to do with our life. Whether it be something as blatant as becoming a prostitute, selling our bodies to photographers, or just becoming something we’re not to impress somebody else. And that is my focus with this post, selling ourselves short. I am very Christian and that influences my opinions greatly, and my opinion is that God made me and everyone else in this world unique and with a purpose. But even if you don’t believe it, I think there is still a way to believe that you are unique and have a specific purpose in this world. As humans, we have our passions and dreams and I believe that our purpose on this hunk of rock is to follow them. We sell ourselves short when we take a job or pursue something based on earning money or gaining a certain type of status. What is the point of working hard and going to work everyday if it’s not something that you love to do and you feel a sense of purpose. I know it’s cliche and lame but it’s true, money can’t buy you happiness. And better to pursue your dreams when you’re young and you don’t have to worry about children and mortgages, do it early. Take advantage of your education and learn the things that you want to, don’t worry about what kind of career opportunities there are, because in the long run it won’t really matter what you major in. Life is too short to sell your talent and passions short for things like money and power. Seize the day and do the things that bring you happiness, it’s your life, who are you living it for? I live my life for God, and I embrace the talents and passions he gave me when he created me, and I’m not ashamed about it. Maybe my choice will cause me to scrounge for money to make rent and deal with having no spending money, but if I’m doing something I love doing then I’m willing to make some sacrifices, because I know that it won’t matter what I’m doing if it’s not something I enjoy and something I find worthwhile. 

Those are my thoughts on the matter, that or the wine. Leave a comment if you like, otherwise, I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on this. 


PS. if you have a documentary you’d recommend, please do not hesitate to do so. I really do love watching them. 

Originally Posted Nov. 16th, 2013