Why people like me.

So just to clarify, this is not about to be some conceited self love party I’m throwing for myself, this is just me answering something that people wonder about my life. I don’t lie when I say I have a lot of friends, I am surrounded by people who really like me and want to be around me and personally I feel blessed and I don’t truly understand it. But I know what separates me from a lot of other people out there, I am not afraid of being nice. 

There is a power in kindness, the ability to be nice to a person you have never met or known is one that takes skill to develop. The need to protect ourselves would suggest that we close ourselves off to strangers, and slowly become kinder and trusting as we get to know people around us. But in doing so people are afraid to get to know us and work to learn about us. Its a never ending cycle. So my answer to how I gain so many people in my life? I throw my defenses out the window and trust people as soon as I meet them. Now society would tell me that I’m naive, that I am setting myself to be hurt by trusting everyone I meet. But my rebuttal is that I am not weak, but rather strong. It takes courage to trust people right off the bat, despite the fact that people have hurt me. Thats right, despite because I have been hurt, taken advantage off and crushed by people who take my trust and try to show me I should have never given it to them. But if I am to succeed, I cannot let them win. I pick up my heart, brush off the dirt and continue because that is true strength, to keep going even though I have been hurt before. I know that there is some horrible people who seek to only crush my perseverance and watch my heart die, but I will not let them win. If they think my spirit will be crushed they are wrong. So I keep going, heart on my sleeve and keep trusting because I know that somewhere I will find someone out there who needs my kindness, who needs someone to trust them and I will be there. I refuse to be hostile, I will not become bitter due to one person’s unkindness. I will not let the deeds of others change who I am inside.

I am a person who loves people. I am one who will show you kindness even if I just met you. Life is short and I will not take advantage of that. I don’t know where I will be tomorrow so I will hand you my heart and trust that you won’t be cruel. If you are I will take it back and keep going, looking for another person to give it too who will be responsible and kind like I am to you. Eventually I would spot the signs of cruel hearted people and would avoid them entirely, but never becoming bitter and mean. And then I found those people who take my heart, no questions asked, and joined in my kindness. They would watch my heart and I would watch theirs. Life is too short to close yourself off, the only solution is to keep going and hope for the best. You hope for the best in people and trust that God will lead you to those who will help you grow. Bitterness and cruelty is not an option. 

Originally posted June 20th, 2014

Lauren Winnenberg