Lauren Winnenberg is a Director, Writer and Performer focused on creating socially and politically conscious performances. She works primarily in Theatre, but also works in Performance Art, Music, Fiction and Non Fiction writing.

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I am an artist

that deals with the intersection of art and activism in a theatrical sense. The work I direct deals with issues of power and male female relationships and how traditional dogma about gender has dictated these relationships. This is similar to my work as a playwright, where I explore deeper into the female perspective and how certain traditions have portrayed tropes of female characters. I use playwriting and directing as tools to reveal the absurdities and strange occurrences people experience in life.

Upcoming and Recent Work...

Lauren Winnenberg Coming Out

An Original Short Play

Presented as a part of New York Summerfest

Purgatory: A New Play

By Kelsey Coughlin, Directed by Lauren Winnenberg

Love magic ritual spell

Dixon Place, Directed by Alex Randrup

Lauren Winnenberg String of Pearls

String of Pearls

By Michele Lowe, Produced by Theatre 68

Lauren Winnenberg Jellies

Jellies: An orignal performance

In collaboration with Salty Corkscrew Theatre Co.




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