Salty Corkscrew

Lauren Winnenberg Salty Corkscrew_black.jpg

A theatre company I founded, ran and produced workshops and a festival out of along with 3 fellow artists.

Mission Statement: Salty Corkscrew is dedicated to allowing access and space for young artists who have big ideas and a need to explore them. Our company gives young directors, writers and producers the opportunity to lead, build, devise and create by immersing them in a supportive community of collaboration and conversation.

With Salty Corkscrew I hosted a number of workshops for new work, including one for my own work:

The work we did from this workshop ended up fueling my own performance of a piece we worked on that day, Jelly, in the short play festival we produced at the Davenport Theater. It featured plays 10-15 minutes long, and a number of solo pieces. This event was focused on helping new playwrights and writers develop their work. We cast each of the pieces in the reading, provided the space and publicity, and directed each of the works.